Doorspring Horse Stud

In addition to the Naftali Wedding Venue and the Rosehouse Accommodation on the estate, another big attraction is our award winning Friesian horses at Doorspring Horse Stud.

Doorspring Horse Stud

Our pride and joy at Naftali Estate is our beautiful and Award winning Friesian Horses at Doorspring Horse Stud


A big attraction at the Estate is Doorspring Friesian Horse Stud. Our award winning horses  can be booked to use during your wedding ceremony, for couple photos or alternatively to take the couple to the reception venue from the photo session. The groom will be brought in with a single harness carriage and the bride with a beautiful horse coach.

Guests at the Riverhouse can also enjoy a relaxing horseback ride through the vineyards at sunset or as a couple you can request a carriage ride through the estate to view the beautiful Orange River.

Activities at Doorspring

     Book our Friesian Horse to be part of your wedding day
     Take a horseback ride along the vineyards
     Book a carriage ride through the Estate


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